Merry Christmas, Dad!

Here’s the deal. One night, in my post-grad – living at home, trying to understand what I want to do with my life – era, I joined my dad in the hot tub to sit back, drink a couple, and relax. It was a dark, cold, crisp night and the only light was the moon, casting shadows over my dad’s face. He was unrecognizable. Yet that night, this “unrecognizable” man said some of the most profound wisdom a 20-something year old needed to hear. It was after beer 3 that I realized his wisdom, the life experience he shared, and the laughs he provoked, were all something I’d be greedy not to share.

We both started to joke about how someone, known as the ass-man, could behold answers to the questions people are dying to hear. After we threw around some nutty ideas, practiced some hypothetical “YouTube” videos, and brainstormed an entire Ask Ass-Man empire, the ideas became an after thought as we continued on our day-to-day in the days to follow.

Now, a year later, I’m realizing oh SHIT! Christmas is in a week, I don’t have a gift for the Ass-man, I live on the other side of the country, and how the heck am I going to travel back home with a suitcase of vodka AND my winter clothes?  That’s when it dawned on me. I’m giving my Dad for Christmas (luckily the domain was available).

So here we have a website, a community, and a platform for the “Ass-man” to answer your real-life questions and provide a laugh for us all. I’ll even start with the first question – Ass-Man, how the hell did you get the name, Ass-Man?

Feel free to add your question here. Now let’s hope the Ass-Man fulfills his duties come Dec 25.

-Child of Ass-Man

You got a question? I have an answer.