Hi there!

I’m Dani Hart. Marketer by day, investigator of what needs to be fixed in the world by night. Like any woman in their mid twenties, I enjoy hiking, drinking a glass of wine, and sporadically challenging myself with a marathon or something like that. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD, and moved to Southern CA to expand my horizons in 2014. I like to consider these places two different countries, although a modern map would disagree. I enjoy photography, a good non-fiction book, the beach, a nice water bottle, coffee, endorphins, and goats.

What do I care about? Well, if I had to starkly label myself, I’d go with a tree-hugging, millennial feminist. I care about the environment, the welfare and equality of humankind, and I love finding ways to be resourceful and/or recycle. I think the mindset of our society is in need of major reform and will do my best to share why I think that on this blog.

What do you do? I work for a financial tech startup, Payoff, that’s doing everything in its power to change the way banking is done to help empower American consumers to live a financially healthy life. I work with some of the most intelligent, passionate, and humble people around and truly enjoy going to work with them everyday. Throughout my writing, I’m sure you will see Payoff mentioned from time to time, mostly because I can’t shut up about it. :)

Thanks for reading!


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