Danielle Hart

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, I’m 23 years old living a young professional life. I’m a free spirit, open-minded individual that’s not afraid to swim against the current. Constantly in awe with the beauty of nature and the environment, I try to do my part to make this earth a better place.

I’m an online fundraiser for nonprofits at The Engage Group on the weekdays and a cocktail waitress at the Baltimore Comedy Factory on the side. I love working for nonprofits because I can leave the office for the day knowing that I helped society in some way, and what’s not to love about meeting comedians and watching free comedy shows on the side?

I graduated from Salisbury University in 2012 where I studied Marketing and Environmental Studies. While I was at Salisbury, I became a sister of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and founded the SU Women in Leadership organization. I made great friends and found myself traveling to Rotterdam, The Netherlands for free to compete in the Network of International Business Students (NIBS) Business Case Competition. Not a bad deal!

The Baltimore Ravens and Orioles have a special place in my heart – even if they’re losing. When I’m not going for a hike or run around Baltimore, I’m playing volleyball, kickball, or soccer in a Baltimore City league.

I’m just about always listening to music and I spend a lot of my extra money on concerts and traveling. Music is my thing – always looking for new artists and I don’t know anything better than seeing a live show. As far as traveling goes, I love seeing new places, meeting new people, and exploring. And on a side note – I knit and make jewelry for fun and sometimes to sell.

Dani Hart (noun): a creative individual that finds interest in the outdoors, adventure, tea, new people, healthy food, house music, and furry animals. When a Dani Hart becomes bored, you will usually find her reading books about business or life, hiking in the woods, or knitting scarves. She is one who believes it is important for people to value the true healing abilities of nature and to savor what we have left of it. A Dani Hart is one who wants to make a change in the world – for the better.

Using Dani Hart in a sentence:
Man, did you see that Danielle Hart? She’s been hiking all over Maryland today.

Dani Hart Bubba Sparxxx, Dan the WOAHman, Betty, Paris, ‘Sweet Dee

PS. I’m really not that terrible at spelling, spacing, and capitalization. DaHartAttack is a play on words with my name and I like to deliver the message that you can do anything you want to do – you just have to get out there and Attack it!